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We could toot our own horn all Knight and day, but we think the following excerpt from 002 magazine, does a fine job:

Before men unabashedly applied eyeliner and all wore the same thing in order to be different, before holes in jeans were on purpose, while over half of you weren’t even in Huggies yet, there was the Gallant Knight. Over in West U, the original Gallant Knight was one of the hippest underground R&B joints in Houston for 34 years, until it succumbed to hungry urban development in 2006. Just like it’s namesake though, the bar’s spirit could not be vanquished by urban “progress,” and the Gallant Knight re-opened recently on 2511 Bissonnet—a defender of the cool, liberator of the funky and fearless champion of H-Town.

Besides a few cathouse chandeliers, the cottage-turned-tavern is completely devoid of gaudy décor. It’s the people that comprise the atmosphere of The Gallant Knight. Far and away the most diverse crowd in Houston, the swagger fo the old Gallant Knight has been flawlessly transplanted into a fresh and vivacious body. From cougars and kitties to gentlemen and guys still known as “dude,” the new Gallant Knight entertains Houstonians from 21 to 51 without prejudice or favor. The old-schoolers tell tales of once-was, while those still wet behind the ears are showing up in droves to help write a new chapter.

The bar isn’t made from Honduran mahogany or cover in glass hand blown by a blind gypsy, so don’t show up with delusions of grandeur. If your drink order had more than four syllables, keep it to yourself or be prepared for some solid ribbing from the lovely and hard working Tammy. After all, if you need anything more than a bar that’s not sticky and a decent selection of wine, whiskey and beer to get you where you want to go, well, I’d try one of the cookie-cutter, techno jamborees down on Washington.

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