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SKYROCKET! is perhaps the most wickedly original party band to emerge from any music scene, let alone a city like Austin where original music rules. Two things make

The players:
All of them are recording artists in their own right. Maybe you’ve seen them before, on tour, on TV, or performing around Austin.

Hit Squad

Hit Squad is one of Houston’s hottest cover bands, playing songs from the Top 40 to Motown. This 8 person ensemble has become a regular at The Gallant Knight due to popular request. With their unique sound compilations of drums and groovy bass riffs, Hit Squad keeps the dance floor full all night.


Klockwork was formed in 1997 as a show band with lots of energy and many years of collaborative experience.The band has a unique sound and often times keeps the audience dancing for hours. The Klockwork Band has been rocking the Houston area for about three years with it’s dynamic dance rhythms and it’s real smooth melodies.

Fidelity Maxx

Houston, Texas music sensation FIDELITY MAXX was conceived in January 1993. The members of FIDELITY MAXX are Grayling Phillips (Lead Vocals), Percy Gray (Bass), Eddie Knight (Guitar), Larry Grant (Drums/Vocals), Regi Rollins (Keyboards/Vocals), and Roscoe Webber (Keyboards/Vocals).

Top Choice

TOP CHOICE personifies all the things that combine to make an elite variety dance band:
Incredible MUSICIANSHIP enables them to expertly and consistently play all the hit songs you’ve come to love over the years. They carefully select only the best, most recognizable variety of songs from the 1940′s to the Present. With their smooth and versatile vocals and spot-on instrumentation, Top Choice plays these hits like very few bands are capable.

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