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Fidelity Maxx

Houston, Texas music sensation FIDELITY MAXX was conceived in January 1993. The members of FIDELITY MAXX are Grayling Phillips (Lead Vocals), Percy Gray (Bass), Eddie Knight (Guitar), Larry Grant (Drums/Vocals), Regi Rollins (Keyboards/Vocals), and Roscoe Webber (Keyboards/Vocals). FIDELITY MAXX is not one of those bands consisting of hired-for-the-day musicians. The artists that form the FIDELITY MAXX unit are loyal, dedicated individuals that possess unique talent and diverse experience in the field of music. The dynamic sound and performance of FIDELITY MAXX have electrified audiences throughout the United States. From concert halls to small clubs, and restaurants FIDELITY MAXX has what it takes to meet your exact needs.

The FIDELITY MAXX objective is plain and simple: “To Deliver.”

Experience it for yourself!

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